MCPXManufactured Concrete Products Exposition (trade show)
MCPXMedia Communications Processor for Xbox
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With the XGPU and MCPX in fabrication, and the support from virtually every major developer and publisher in the world, we are absolutely on pace to deliver the world's most advanced gaming platform this fall.
The Xbox MCP, also called MCPX, is the first product in a new category of media and communication processors that will power the 21st century broadband digital appliances," said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO at NVIDIA.
The XGPU graphics processor and the MCPX multimedia communications processor are both in fab and set for launch in what should be an exciting Christmas season.
Each port can charge one 30--150mAh, 1S UM cell, a 1S MCPX cell, or one 120--300mAh 2S pack equipped with a JST-PH, 3-wire connector.