MCRRMedical Care Research and Review
MCRRMidwest Central Railroad (Mount Pleasant, IA)
MCRRMichigan Central Railroad
MCRRMachine Check Recording and Recovery
MCRRMarine Corps Recruiting Ribbon (US DoD)
MCRRMovement Control and Readiness Reporting
MCRRMain Cardiovascular-Respiratory Rhythm (neurophysiology)
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This jointly developed state-of-the-art MCRR provides a fiber-quality solution for further capitalizing on our exclusive 24 GHz spectrum licenses which cover the top 75 markets across the US.
FiberTower and BridgeWave are also working to develop and market a packaged solution that combines BridgeWave's MCRR with FiberTower's 24 GHz spectrum on a link-specific basis for customers seeking to deploy gigabit wireless solutions for high-capacity broadband backhaul and transport.
3) Gradual The research enterprise Former User Liaison accumulation obtains support that syntheses funded and formal allows it to conduct through NCHSR; interest synthesis structured syntheses by journals such as that summarize Medical Care Research research; the syntheses ^and Review in are published or publishing syntheses; reported to highlight MCRR syntheses (e.