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MCSMultiple Chemical Sensitivity
MCSMedia Convergence Server (Cisco)
MCSMemphis City Schools (Tennessee)
MCSMotion City Soundtrack (band)
MCSMarine Conservation Society
MCSMultiple Cloning Site
MCSMonitoring, Control and Surveillance
MCSMicrosoft Consulting Services
MCSMesoscale Convective System (meteorology)
MCSMonte Carlo Simulation
MCSManagement Consulting Services
MCSModulation and Coding Scheme (HSDPA)
MCSManeuver Control System
MCSMaster Control Station
MCSMellon College of Science
MCSMars Climate Sounder (US NASA)
MCSMaster of Computer Science (degree)
MCSMechanical Circulatory Support
MCSMillennium Cohort Study
MCSMellon College of Science (Carnegie Mellon university)
MCSMultimedia Communications Server (Nortel)
MCSManagement Control System
MCSMotion Control Systems
MCSMission Control System
MCSMounted Combat System
MCSModular Cooling System
MCSManaged Care Support (TRICARE)
MCSMaterial Control System
MCSMonte Carlo Sampling
MCSMission Control Station
MCSMercalli-Cancani-Sieberg (geophysics scale)
MCSMachinery Control System
MCSMaster Control System
MCSMobility Capabilities Study (DoD)
MCSManufacturing Control System
MCSMathematics in Computer Science (journal)
MCSMulti-Channel Sound
MCSMaryknoll Convent School
MCSmodular causeway system (US DoD)
MCSMulti-Cloning Site
MCSMiddle Child Syndrome
MCSMembership Capital Shares
MCSMountaineering Council of Scotland (Perth, Scotland)
MCSMultiple Console Support (Telcordia)
MCSMass Communication Specialist (certification)
MCSMessage Conversion System
MCSMaintenance Control System
MCSMicro Current Stimulation (treatment of macular degeneration)
MCSMinimal Cut Set
MCSMobile Camouflage System
MCSMultipoint Communications System (Canada)
MCSMonitor and Control System (Alcatel)
MCSMeta Class System
MCSManagement Computer System
MCSMiscellaneous Control Subsystem (Juniper Networks, Inc. routers)
MCSMarine Corps Schools
MCSMissile Control System
MCSMicroscopy, Culture and Sensitivity
MCSMaster of Commercial Science
MCSMobile Christian School (Alabama)
MCSMultipoint Command Symmetrical Data-Transmission
MCSMilitary Capabilities Study (US DoD)
MCSMiles-Carpenter X-Linked Mental Retardation Syndrome
MCSMaster Control Switch
MCSMaintenance Control Section (Royal Australian Air Force)
MCSMultimedia Conference Servers (SWB)
MCSMaintenance Control Subsystem
MCSMultivendor Customer Service
MCSMain-Channel Slope
MCSMotherwell Control Systems (UK)
MCSManagement Conformance Summary (Telcordia)
MCSMissile Control Subsystem
MCSMultichannel Spectrometer
MCSMilestone Car Society (Indianapolis, IN)
MCSMulti-Cast Server
MCSMaintenance Control Supervisor
MCSMedia Conversion Subsystem
MCSMaritime Communications Subsystem
MCSMultipoint Control Services
MCSModular Causeway Section
MCSMaintenance Cost System
MCSMulti-functional Crypto System
MCSMaster Control Shelf (Nokia)
MCSMultimedia Computer System
MCSMeteorological Services of Canada
MCSMagnetic Core Stack
MCSMountaineering Club of Scotland
MCSMeaford Community School
MCSMining Certification Service (United Kingdom)
MCSMaintenance Control Station
MCSMicro Controller Subsystem
MCSMobile Command Station
MCSMesa Computing Solutions (Grand Junction, Colorado)
MCSMission Critical Site
MCSMulti-Programmed Computer System
MCSMandala Complementary Studies (UK Complementary Therapy School)
MCSManaging Conceptual Space
MCSMicrochannel Structure
MCSMellor-Crummy and Scott Algorithm
MCSMicrocrystalline Cellulose, Sieved
MCSMicrocontrol Store
MCSModernized Catalog System
MCSMine Command Ship
MCSCrew Station Manual (TMINS)
MCSMillimeter Wave Contrast Seekers
MCSMultiple Congestion States (ITU-T)
MCSMulti-Cast Send
MCSMissing Case Statements in A Switch Construct (software fault)
MCSMadeley Court School (UK)
MCSMerrimack Charter Services
MCSMoisture Channel Support
MCSMulti-Purpose Communications & Signaling
MCSMaster of the Cheirological Society of Great Britain
MCSMine Countermeasures Ship/Support
MCSMissile Compensating System
MCSMission Control Segment/System
MCSManaged Clearline Service (Sprint)
MCSManeuver Computer System
MCSMoto Club Sommièrois (French motorcycle club)
MCSMobility Concepts Study
MCSMaterial Certification System
MCSMulticultural Council of Saskatchewan (also seen as MCOS; Canada)
MCSMatra Club Suisse (French: Switzerland Matra Club; automobile club; Switzerland)
MCSManagement Challenge Services
MCSMultichannel Streamer (natural gas exploration)
MCSMultiple Circular Sectors (microwave hardware)
MCSMobile Communications Solutions (UK and Ireland)
MCSMarietta City Schools (Georgia)
MCSMercury Computer Systems (various locations)
MCSMedium Close Shot (videography)
MCSMotor Cortex Stimulation (neurology)
MCSMachine Coordinate System (manufacturing)
MCSMcMaster-Carr Supply (Elmhurst, IL)
MCSMultichannel Seismic (natural gas exploration)
MCSMontgomery County Schools (various locations)
MCSMicrobial Culture and Sensitivity (test)
MCSManaged Communication Services
MCSMobile Communications System (various organizations)
MCSMassachusetts Chiropractic Society (Methuen, MA)
MCSMultichannel Scaler (natural gas exploration)
MCSMaximal Common Substructure
MCSMayo Clinic Study
MCSManager, Client Services (various organizations)
MCSManhattan Country School (New York)
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How might neurogenic inflammation be generated as part of the MCS mechanism?
Throughout the Southwest, a few MCS communities have informally organized.
WHO Workshop on Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, 1996 (as summarized by Gots, who participated): MCS "cannot be recognized as a clinically-defined disease.
And because an exact cause and physiological mechanism of MCS have not yet been determined, the ailment has been the subject of widespread scrutiny and, sometimes, disbelief.
With Catalytic MCS, our team found that making algorithm modifications was easy -- developers were able to focus on changing their MATLAB code.
The most wide-ranging theory of MCS and related conditions CFS, FM, and PTSD is the elevated nitric oxide/peroxynitrite theory, which was first proposed for CFS (Pall 2000a, 2000b, 200la, 2002a; Smirnova and Pall 2003), and later extended to the other three conditions (Pall 2001b; Pall and Satterlee 2001).
Catalytic MCS integrates with existing design environments.
A major practical limitation of all available definitions of MCS is the subjectivity and nonspecificity of the available information regarding the predictable and demonstrable attributes of the exposure--symptom relationship.
Double-Take Software and MCS will continue to work together to deliver disaster recovery solutions that provide significant support to IT operations in the Cayman Island region.
The new MCS program also further strengthens ADC's Professional Architects, Consultants and Engineers (PACE) program.
MCS, with 55,000 HMO and self-funded lives in Bakersfield and Delano, Calif.
In its role as agency of record, MCS will provide strategic guidance, counsel and support services for all Recom communications activities and initiatives directed to healthcare and business media, as well as to an extensive community of cardiology researchers, clinicians and patients.