MCSAPMotor Carrier Safety Assistance Program
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As the MCSAP grant program moves toward performance-based programs, states are encouraged to evaluate their current programs and activities in order to establish baselines.
The team recommended 47 different effective strategies to enhance the OOS verification programs used by MCSAP agencies.
The options available and competition from other MCSAP participants and civilian-equivalent peers (the Signals Analysis Development Program), make securing a seat in the most sought after work centers a challenge.
Upon completion of all MCSAP requirements, participants are awarded the additional skill identifier (ASI) of K2 and become NSA certified Signals Analysts.
The DOT Secretary was required to establish a MCSAP working group within 180 days of enactment of the FAST Act December 4, 2015 and the working group must provide its recommendations to the Secretary no later than one year from the date of its establishment.
Since the skill set will still remain and still be valuable, we expect that MCSAP will continue and be available to 98Y soldiers.
PR: Why is it important to increase MCSAP funding, and how much does the 30-percent increase in TEA-21 bring the program to?
GR: It is important that MCSAP funds increase because as the number of carriers, drivers, and commercial motor vehicles on the road continues to go up, more resources are needed to maintain the same level of compliance.
MCSAP is a grant program from the federal government to the states to enforce uniform federal and state safety and hazardous materials regulations and rules applicable to commercial motor vehicles and their drivers.
MCSAP was funded at $65 million for FY [fiscal year] 94, $74 million for FY 95, and increased to $77.
Under MCSAP, states prepare a Commercial Vehicle Safety Plan [CVSP], which outlines how they intend to achieve their objectives under the grant.
Within the past several years, MCSAP funds have been used not only for basic commercial vehicle and driver inspection activities but in a number of new and innovative programs to improve truck safety.