MCSRMen Can Stop Rape
MCSRMississippi Center for Supercomputing Research
MCSRMotor Carrier Safety Regulations
MCSRMateriel Condition Status Report
MCSRMinimum Commercial Security Requirements
MCSRMaterial Cost & Status Report
MCSRMedcomSoft Record (medical software suite)
MCSRMidnight Club Street Racing (game)
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Action research projects that are bounded by MCSR act as critical filters through which students become better acquainted with unfamiliar positionalities and juxtapose them with their own (Martin & Van Gunten, 2002).
Reflective self-analysis in the form of action research causes students to consider how they might alter the institutionalized inequities that they find, thus fulfilling a goal of an MCSR approach.
In combination action research, MCSR and positionality help students frame social class in their own unique ways and have the potential to alter the intellectual landscape of those who will be teachers.
The MCSR helps higher headquarters distribute limited wartime funding to those units that show use and need.
The ULLS Usage Report and the MCSR affect your future maintenance budgets and the current distribution of resources.
A Special HPC Subsession of the Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics Division, sponsored by the MCSR, will also be held to serve as a forum on supercomputing in which faculty and graduate student researchers will have the opportunity to describe their research projects that involve HPC, Internet2, Grid Computing, Visualization, Network Security, Computer Systems Administration, and the use of MCSR resources.
Because MCSR users conduct both basic and applied research in such demanding disciplines as atmospheric modeling, high-energy physics, and cancer and AIDS research, the facility increasingly faced significant delays in processing large-scale jobs.
MCSR installed the system in June and, after extensive benchmark tests, made it available to users at various universities, including the University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, the University of Southern Mississippi, and Jackson State University.
MCSR upgraded its eight-processor SGI(TM) Origin(TM) 2000 system to a 64-processor configuration with 16GB of memory, primarily to make Mississippi researchers more competitive nationally in the solicitation of contracts and grants.
The computing power and highly parallel architecture of the SGI 2800 system at MCSR is attracting potential users on a national basis as well.
Preliminary computational experience on the MCSR supercomputers will be presented.