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MCTMicrosoft Certified Trainer
MCTMinistério da Ciência e Tecnologia (Brazil)
MCTMississippi Curriculum Test
MCTMedium Chain Triglyceride
MCTMarine Combat Training
MCTMercury-Cadmium Telluride
MCTMovement Control Team
MCTMast Cell Tumor(s)
MCTMain Central Thrust
MCTMinimum Connecting Time (airports)
MCTMultiple Choice Test
MCTMulti-Channel Television
MCTMissoula Children's Theater (Missoula, MT)
MCTMadison County Transit (Illinois)
MCTMinimum Capital Test (solvency test for insurers)
MCTMicro-Cavity Technology (Nanovation)
MCTMicrowave Coagulation Therapy
MCTModel Coupling Toolkit
MCTMaritime Counter Terrorism
MCTMicrocentrifuge Tube
MCTMethacholine Challenge Test
MCTMalicious Call Trace (telephone comany service)
MCTManufacturing Cycle Time
MCTCorrective Maintenance Time
MCTMulti-Cable Transit
MCTMicronesia Conservation Trust (Federated States of Micronesia)
MCTMobile Communications Terminal
MCTMuscat, Oman - Seeb (Airport Code)
MCTMaximum Continuous Thrust
MCTMonotone Convergence Theorem
MCTMaksutov-Cassegrain Telescope
MCTMean Corrective Maintenance Time
MCTMaster Control Terminal
MCTMaximum Course Time
MCTMonitoring Control Table
MCTMetal-oxide semiconductor-Controlled Thyristor
MCTMonochlorotriazine (type of reactive dye)
MCTMultimedia and Communication Technology
MCTMinimum Cost Tree
MCTMean Cycle Time
MCTModem Compatibility Test
MCTManagement Control Team
MCTMedullary Carcinoma Thyroid
MCTMild Congestion Threshold (Newbridge)
MCTMagno Cum Tempore (Latin: at a later date)
MCTMarket Cattle Testing
MCTMagnesium Calcium Titanate
MCTMicrocell Telecommunications (Canada - PCS)
MCTMobile Collection Team
MCTMaysville City Transit (Kentucky, USA)
MCTMainframe Computer Terminal
MCTMobile Contact Teams
MCTMaintenance Continuation Training
MCTMobile Command Team
MCTMulti-Channel Tester
MCTMOS Control Thyristor
MCTMean Correct Time
MCTMessage Character Count
MCTMathematical Centre Tracts
MCTMission Commander's Terminal
MCTModule Confidence Test
MCTMIB Code Template (GDMO)
MCTMultichannel Transponder
MCTMetal Conversion Technologies, LLC (North Corners, GA)
MCTMaterial Control Tracking
MCTMathematical Control Theory (conference)
MCTMultiLayer Coating Technologies, LLC (est. 2006)
MCTMilitary Camera Team (Australia)
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With CSI(TM) it will be simple to perform ambient, hot and cold testing using MCT's 5th generation SH-5000 Tri-Temp Strip Test Handler," said John Moon, President and CEO at MCT.
13 outlined ways MCT members in place of the $35 fee can contribute to the credit union's financial condition by taking out car loans, signing up for e-statements and refinancing mortgages.
Heena admitted the MCT had a lot to do with whatever she has achieved in her career so far, but the ace shooter said the athletes were caught unaware with the sudden decision of the MCT to close down.
The MCT 5100 has been designed using a combination of high speed gravity feed and pick and place technology and is aimed at the SOIC market (package types ranging from .
MCT has the largest installed IC test handler base of any manufacturer, with over 9,500 units worldwide.
Gower, commented, "This marks the final step in removing all of the commercial litigation related to past MCT problems and adds to the already strong balance sheet now existing at MCT.
Hill joined MCT in November 1991 as President and Chief Operating Officer, and became Chief Executive Officer and a Director in August 1992.
Doug Sampson, Test Manager for Philips' Logic Division, added, "The MCT 1149 passed our rigorous engineering evaluations with flying colors.
In Lancaster, the young cast members, picked from auditions Monday, are being whipped into shape by two MCT directors-actors - John Hart and Michael Breeden, who are responsible for putting the production together in just a week.
Enthusiasts claim, with support from some scientists, that because MCT oils are digested differently from larger triglycerides like those in palm oil, they don't raise blood concentrations of cholesterol.
The reason for this is that MCT can be tuned' to the desired IR wavelength by varying the cadmium concentration.
MCT offers content contributed by more than 600 media titles and sources, including Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Inquirer and Kansas City Star.