MCT1Mono Carboxylate Transporter 1 (protein expression)
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There have been relatively few studies that have investigated changes in monocarboxylate transporters, MCT1 and MCT4, to altitude exposure (Clark et al.
These mutations lead to increased gene transcription and increased MCT1 expression, selectively in [beta]-cells.
2004) Sustained swimming increases erythrocyte MCT1 during erythropoiesis and ability to regulate pH homeostasis in rat.
The plasma membrane transporter MCT4, but not MCT1, is up-regulated by hypoxia through a HIF-1(alpha)-dependent mechanism.
Availability Wellfleet's MCT1 link module will be available in June, 1994, followed by the MCE1 link module in September, 1994.
It was concluded that the enhanced ability to take up lactate by the trained muscles was due to the increase in MCT1 transporters (Bonen, 2000).