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MCTCMinneapolis Community & Technical College (Minneapolis, MN)
MCTCMaryland Correctional Training Center
MCTCMilitary Corrective Training Centre (UK)
MCTCMidwest Counterdrug Training Center (Johnston, IA)
MCTCModel City Tax Code (Arizona)
MCTCManeuver Combat Training Center (US Army)
MCTCMankato Citizens Telephone Company (Minnesota)
MCTCMixed Connective Tissue Disease (Lupus)
MCTCMelbourne Clay Target Club
MCTCMaternal Care and Treatment Centre
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The behavioral health major would arrive at MCTC as soon as the buildings opened in the mornings so that he could use the bathrooms and gym showers to clean up for class.
Either the MCTC can "play" the part of brigade or the brigade can provide a mission command cell for the exercise.
MCTC has extensive military training facilities and an Education Wing that includes trade training--or Military Police-specific training.
An additional $2 million was funded by Metropolitan State University and MCTC.
Texas, for example, the simulators in the CCTT facility, and the constructive simulations and VBS2 run at the MCTC will all have the same Blaekwell Table XII gunnery range built in detail to support training.
Since 1998, Gary Carter, an employee of MCTC, has been carrying a message of hope to local high school students.
MCTC President Philip Davis says the idea was prompted by reports that less than 5 percent of minority ninth-graders in Minnesota's two largest cities earn a four-year college degree by the time they turn 25.
IEC --integration of IEC messages in traditional ceremonies --research on behavior change and the Malagasy context and culture --strengthening and scaling up of existing activities --development of a national communication strategy Health Interventions --development of a national STI treatment program --development of MCTC prevention program --strengthening of health personnel in VCT --program for home treatment of prostitutes --promotion of professional ethics and confidentiality
MCTC Invitation #49 - Metal Beam Guardrail: Furnish and install metal beam guardrail, including but not limited to: wooden posts, metal beam guardrail, equipment needed to install 6% x 8" x 6% wooden posts and attach guardrail, traffic control and multiple mobilizations.
The MCTC concept forms part of the education and training policy pursued by the Commander-in-chief, Royal Netherlands Army.