MCTFMotion Compensated Temporal Filtering (digital television noise reduction technique)
MCTFMaritime Cabotage Task Force
MCTFMalaysia Career & Training Fair
MCTFMaintenance Cooperation Trust Fund
MCTFMulti Currency Trade Financing (Malaysia)
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Like the MCTF, employer contributions to labor-management committees fund NAFC affiliates.
I applaud MCTF for assisting these workers in exercising their labor rights," said Labor Commissioner Julie A.
The MCTF receives logistical support from the FBI and mentoring sup port from the Department of Justice.
In a time when the long-term unemployment rate is holding steady, Mitch Jacobs, MCTF co-chair, says Main Street "is a solution to many things that ail America.
The Joneses donated the tree-covered site a quarter-mile east of the school after MCTF approached Jones about its vision for a track on the Seneca Sawmill property.
Janitors who work for the same cleaning companies in Northern California have also complained of substandard work conditions to MCTF investigators.
MCTF technology is the optimal way to remove noise from video without incurring motion blur, thereby improving picture quality and allowing for enhanced compression efficiency.
Proven DoMiNoFX(TM) video processing technologies, including MCTF, enable 'visibly superior' video quality
As with the MV 100, the MV 30 includes advanced MCTF, 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 color sampling, and optional IP output.
This latest development in MCIF technology can transform your MCTF into a powerful asset/liability tool
The issue of MCTF and SIU also came under discussions between Karzai and Kerry last week.