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MCUMing Chuan University
MCUMultipoint Control Unit
MCUMicrocontroller Unit
MCUMachines, Computations and Universality
MCUMarine Corps University
MCUMultipoint Conferencing Unit
MCUMedium Close-Up (cinematography)
MCUMemory Control Unit
MCUMaster Control Unit
MCUMilk Clotting Units (proteolytic enzymes potency measure)
MCUMotor Control Unit
MCUMajor Crimes Unit
MCUMain Control Unit
MCUMicroprocessor Control Unit
MCUMulti-Conference Unit
MCUmoisture cure urethane (protective sealant)
MCUMetro Credit Union
MCUManila Central University (Philippines)
MCUMinimum Coded Unit
MCUMid-Continent University (Mayfield, KY)
MCUModular Concept Unit
MCUMulti-Chip Unit
MCUMutual Credit Union
MCUMiami Christian University
MCUMobile Control Unit
MCUMission Computer Upgrade
MCUModule Control Unit
MCUMicrocontrol Unit
MCUMicturating Cysto-Urethrogram
MCUMicro Computer Unit
MCUMike Caro University of Poker
MCUMaintenance Control Unit
MCUMouvement Circulaire Uniforme (French)
MCUMicroprogram Control Unit
MCUMechanism Control Unit
MCUMediolanum Corporate University (Milan, Italy)
MCUMetallic Channel Unit
MCUMass Casualty Unit (various organizations)
MCUMonitored Care Unit
MCUMessage Control Unit (radar)
MCUMultiplex Control Unit
MCUmaintenance communications unit (US DoD)
MCUMarine Corps Unit
MCUModem Control Unit
MCUMobile Calibration Unit
MCUMulti-Compo Unit (MTO&E composite unit with AC, ARNG, and USAR personnel)
MCUMail and Calendaring Users
MCUMockup & Compatibility Unit
MCUMonetary Compensatory Unit
MCUMalt Color Unit
MCUMonitor Controller Unit (Hekimian)
MCUMother and Child Unit
MCUminimum care unit
MCUMajor Combat Unit (US Army)
MCUMomentum Compensation Unit
MCUMaking Crap Up
MCUMedia and Communications Unit (various locations)
MCUMedia Center University (Electronic House Expo)
MCUMadison Credit Union (Madison, WI)
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The new product announced today is the smallest 8-bit MCU in the market, its area is only two-thirds of similar products on the market with the same number of general logic layers.
Ecosystem partners and developers, such as Rigado, are leveraging the Kinetis KW41Z MCU to offer regulatory certified and ready-to-implement modules, which come with hardware and firmware tools, engineering design support, and customization services that significantly speed development and time-to-market.
A high-performance MCU normally consumes a large amount of power, but this technology reduces the standby power of the entire MCU by making the logic circuits and memory in the MCU non-volatile, and achieving both high performance and power savings at the same time.
Zeroization, on the other hand, wipes out the same key variables, but once the MCU batteries are removed and reinserted, the MCU is back in business.
The MCU is clocked by internal oscillator, eliminating the need for a crystal.
Research included semistructured interviews of FBI Training and Development Division (TDD) and MCU administrators and faculty members.
Besides the 14-bit A/Ds, 10-bit A/Ds, and the LCD controller/booster, the H8/38086F MCU offers many other built-in peripheral functions, such as power-on reset (POR), real-time clock (RTC), hardware I2C bus interface, several timers and two serial interface channels.
The MCU Music Channel will feature dozens of targeted block programming throughout the week geared to every type of college activity from what students blast in frat houses to mood music for hook-ups on Saturday nights.
We are very excited about this ball partnership because it is such a natural fit for MCU," said MCU President/CEO Kam Wong.
If you do this a few times without servicing the MCU or the MCG, you'll eventually have a dry system.
Kit containing some circuitry for communication between the MCU and PC but still very cheap, under 20 EUR.
Nasdaq:RVSN) has announced SIP functionality in its popular viaIP MCU (Multipoint Conferencing Unit).