MCUSAMaster Connection and Use of System Agreement
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Educational level of respondents Educational level Global South % MCUSA % LMC % Self-education, no formal education 11.
Respondent's religious identity Religious identity Global South % MCUSA % LMC % Anabaptist 18.
Views of peacemaking and social justice (percent affirming) View Global MCUSA LMC South % % % Christians should do all they 90.
MCUSA also is a founding business partner in the International Society, a local group that provides a social and educational network for residents of foreign nations currently residing in Fayette or Coweta counties.
Initially established in Illinois in 1985, MCUSA relocated to Peachtree City in 1987.
This new production capability is a tangible sign of our belief that Sirius Radio's coast-to-coast commercial-free music will revolutionize the way people are entertained in their cars," said Toshiyuki Imazu, president of MCUSA.
In July 1999, Sirius and MCUSA began working on the design and development of Sirius receivers.