MCVHMedical College of Virginia Hospitals
MCVHMoor Cottage Veterinary Hospital (Berkshire, UK)
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We think the medical imaging community -- rural and urban alike -- will welcome this technology eagerly," said Ronald Miller, director of radiology at MCVH.
The system deployed at MCVH operates using Compaq ProLiant servers, more than 60 Compaq workstations, and Compaq StorageWorks hardware RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) enclosures.
While rotations are an integral component of the MCVH internship, considerable latitude is afforded the intern and PII in designing the ultimate configuration of the learning experience.
At the end of each academic year the MCVH Director and a PII or AII conduct a group meeting structured to evaluate the field experience for that year.
MCVH maintains close ties with the triple-'A' rated state of Virginia and double-'A'-minus rated Virginia Commonwealth University and is located in double 'A' rated Richmond, Va.