MCVSMinnesota Crime Victim Services (Walker, MN)
MCVSMississippi Commission for Volunteer Service
MCVSMerseyside Council for Voluntary Service (UK)
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The expansion and the change in the type of work carried out meant that the name MCVS had was no longer fitting, and in 2000 it changed to Local Solutions.
Design and Printing of two MCVS Publications that will serve as a tool of information to both Voluntary Organisations as well as Volunteers in their respective roles.
SD Prado e SA Gugelmin participaram na concepcao do estudo; MLM Bosi, MCVS Carvalho, JK Silva, KL Delmaschio e MLR Martins participaram no desenvolvimento e elaboracao da versao final do artigo.
MCVS Carvalho trabalhou na concepcao, no delineamento e redacao final do artigo; MT Luz, na concepcao e revisao critica da redacao do artigo.