MCompMaster in Computing
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Powdermet's MComP Microcomposite cermet (ceramic-metal) materials provide the friction and wear performance equivalent to advanced, diamond-like carbon coatings, but with the toughness, strength and formability of metals, according to the company.
The path from 1QUAL to MCOMP was positive, but not significant, therefore [H.
The correlation between DIS and MCOMP for the metropolitan system is 0.
First, the coefficients and standard errors are of approximately equal size across the specifications, suggesting stable results, Second, while the coefficients of MRCOMP, MCOMP and RCOMP variables are negative, none of them is statistically significant.
Development efforts at Powdermet are focused on four product families, each with prospective commercial applications, including: SComP (a family of syntactic metal composites known for their light weight properties and ability to absorb 500% more impact energy when compared to current best practice impact and ballistic materials like aluminum alloys); MComP (a family of nanocomposite metal and metal matrix composites designed to be a market replacement for beryllium, aluminum and magnesium in structural applications) EnComP (a diverse family of engineered microstructure energy based solutions) and SynFoam (a family of structurally insulating syntactic ceramic composites combining strength, high temperature functionality and low thermal conductivity into one multifunctional material).