MD1Manic-Depressive Psychosis
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Two-day postconfluent 3T3-L1 cells were treated with lucidone at the indicated concentrations for 4 days in MD1 induction medium and a further 4 days in maintenance medium.
Con MD1 y MD2 se identificaron mas conflictos de calidad en comparacion con el uso manual de WinWin.
Cabeza: MD1-M3 muy cortas, postero laterales a P2; seta MD2 mas proxima a MD1 que a MD3; puntura MDa entre MD2 y MD3; P1 y P2 de largo similar; interespacio P2-P2 mayor que el de P1-P1; puntura Pb entre P1 y P2, mas cercana a P2; AF2 y AF1 con longitud subigual; AF2 por encima del apice de la frente, mas proxima a P1 que a AF1; puntura AFa entre AF2 y AF1, mas cercana a AF2; puntura Fa por debajo de F1; punturas Fa ligeramente separadas; setas C1 y C2 de igual longitud; seta C1 ubicada por encima del vertice superior del frontoclipeo, seta C2 en el vertice inferior del frontoclipeo.
The samples obtained were called MD1, MD2, MD3 and MD4, respectively.
The group, known as MD1 and working within the military intelligence branch, reported through the famous Professor Lindemann directly to Churchill.
Attention should be paid to MD1 and MD2, which doubled the amount of water lost by FFDO.
The adapter meets the requirements for the MD1 "Low Profile" specification as defined by PCISIG in PCI 2.
Generally, MD1 players are selected from club sides to represent their respective anions in the MD1 competition.
MD1 has a single bond as the Gemini spacer rather than the triple bond in TMDD.
For example, both MD1 and MD2 coded breath testing for Helicobacterpylori (H.