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MD5Message Digest 5 Algorithm
MD5Message Digest 5 -- one way hash function
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com has seen an influx of samples with the same MD5 hashes.
Lathwood said: "Using an encryption method like SHA256 rather than MD5 would still allow the hacker to decrypt the information but it takes significantly longer.
MD5 is presently used by certain certificate authorities to issue digital certificates for a large number of secure websites.
Microsoft's security engineers explained how the MD5 collision attack worked in ablog poston Wednesday.
EnCase is the trademark of Guidance Software, VFC is the trademark of MD5 Ltd.
Two of the most commonly used hashing algorithms are MD5 and SHA1.
Among the features are: IPsec ESP with DES, 3DES, and RC-4 encryption; MD5 and SHA1 authentication; MD5 and SHA1 authentication; concentration support for up to 3,000 concurrent encrypted VPN tunnels and 100,000 simultaneous connections with complex security policies; and denial-of-service protection.