MDAAMissile Defense Advocacy Alliance
MDAAMassachusetts District Attorneys Association
MDAAMutual Defense Assistance Act
MDAAMinnesota Dental Assistants Association
MDAAMason Dixon Auto Auction (Greencastle, PA)
MDAAMisuse of Drugs Amendment Act (New Zealand)
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MDAA also had another very successful seminar in Frankenmuth with Dr.
MDAA peppers members of Congress with policy memos, organizes US defense contractor employees to call upon Congress to support MD development, and uses its energetic website to offer a wide display of MD promotions.
Greenert and Riki Ellison, MDAA chairman and founder, jointly presented the award to Walker and praised him for his leadership, effort and sacrifice.
Riki Ellison, who has been involved with Missile Defense since 1982, advocating for its evolution and deployment over the past 26 years, founded the MDAA in 2002.
Riki Ellison, founder and CEO of MDAA, said, "The gravest danger of all, the most frightening public safety issue of all, is the catastrophic harm that could result from hostile states or terrorist groups armed with weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them to U.
served on the MDAA board of directors, worked for the VA hospital in Ann Arbor, and was encouraged to enroll in dental school.
She has held positions such as the Legislative Chair and Publicity Chair for the MDAA and President, Treasurer, Technology Chair and VP for the MMDAS.
MDAA members have been "keeping watch" and thanks to them, dental assisting "schools" that have questionable advertisement and promise their attendees to become "certified" or even "registered" have been referred to our state association and also to the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB).
This Trustee is planning to participate in the event and attend the MDAA Board meeting at that time.
In addition to family and friends of Virginia, members of the MDAA, CDAA, Rhode Island Dental Hygienists Association and the RIDA were also in attendance.
The MDAA held it's 68th Annual Session/House of Delegates on April 25th in Lansing Michigan.
As of June 22, 2015, the MDAA became partners with Team Placement a premier, Dental Staffing Agency.