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MDACMicrosoft Data Access Components
MDACMental Disability Advocacy Center
MDACMuscular Dystrophy Association of Canada
MDACMississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce (Jackson, MS, USA)
MDACMultiplying Digital-to-Analog Converter
MDACMultiple-Dose Activated Charcoal
MDACMitochondrial Disease Action Committee
MDACMcDonnell Douglas Aerospace Corporation
MDACMaster Data Acquisition and Control (system)
MDACMulti-channel Data Acquisition Computer
MDACManning Distribution Advisory Council
MDACMutual Defense Administration. Committee
MDACManabat Delgado Amper and Co. (Philippines)
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Aruba MDAC has been tested and validated with customers to operate on top of existing Cisco Wi-Fi networks.
For more information about MDAC or Epsilon Securities, please contact JD Friedland with Epsilon Securities, LLC directly at 212-242-8844 x.
Modified MDAC -- a creative method of using certain ActiveX controls in a context Microsoft did not originally intend - remained in the number one slot for a second consecutive month, a position it first attained in February of this year.
Modified MDAC and MPack Rise in Ranking, ANI Holds Steady
Thompson suspects Modified MDAC originated from HD Moore's month of browser bugs, and was then picked up by Chinese hackers.
In other news, a modified MDAC exploit, also originating in China, secured the number one position in March with 40.
Some Scan Tools Lack Ability to Detect MDAC Version on Machines;
The exploit currently launches five different exploits, including the new IE VML Overflow, the new MDAC, a Firefox exploit, CreateTextRange, and an exploit for the Java Virtual Machine.
The poorly documented and seldom-exploited Microsoft RPC and DCOM API's have become the new hacker playgrounds similar to that of the former MDAC and SQL vulnerability disclosures.