MDAPMajor Defense Acquisition Program (US DoD)
MDAPMutual Defense Assistance Program
MDAPMental Disability Advocacy Program
MDAPMulti Directory Access Protocol (multicast request)
MDAPMean Distal Aortic Pressure
MDAPMultiple-Direction Amplitude Panning (electronics)
MDAPMysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Program (Witches Collective)
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5) One side covers the matters of cost composition; the Future Year Defense Plan; the Planning, Programming, Budget, and Execution integration and reviews; and requirements by MDAP.
If the total cost of these programs is scaled to equal that of the current DoD MDAP portfolio (DoD, 2013), then this macro-stochastic model could potentially allocate $6.
In addition to his duties as the Deputy, he is directly responsible for the financial management of the Joint and Allied Threat Awareness System (JATAS/AAR-59) and the Common Infrared Countermeasures (CIRCM) System, two MDAP programs, with a combined total obligation authority (TOA) in excess of $4.
GAO is making 11 recommendations intended to strengthen actions DOD has taken to begin improving its ability to identify, aggregate, and account for the cost of military equipment acquired through MDAPs.
The research population, consisting of DoD MDAP portfolios ranging from FY 2002 through FY 2012, were designated Acquisition Category I (ACAT-I) since they were projected to exceed threshold FY 2000 constant dollars criteria for either Research, Development, Test and Evaluation ($365 million) or Procurement ($2.
Additionally, during the same period, the United States made significant quantities of F-47s available via MDAP to France, Portugal, Italy, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Iran and Nationalist China.
Consequently, the fundamental goal and objective of this article is to collect and analyze MDAP acquisition data, apply some of these basic economic models, and explore the economic value of applying TRAs to acquisitions of each military Service.
These bases already served as centers of the MDAP program and the basic concept of the plan was to simply expand the current training organization to take on the much larger mission of training thousands of German personnel.
The AMRDEC CI Pilot program provides some insight into the overall effectiveness of incorporating a CI into an MDAP.
armed forces and for distribution to allies through the MDAP.