MDC-TMovement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai (Zimbabwe political party)
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Extensive public opinion polls in 2012 indicated substantial fall in support for the MDC-T (Booysen 2012; Bratton 2012).
This sort of analysis admitted to the many flaws in the electoral process and the vote itself almost as an afterthought, eager to remind readers that the MDC-T "still went into the elections like sheep to the slaughterhouse".
In those days we called it arithmetic, and though the MDC-T is a party of lawyers, and in fact it is full of some of the sharpest lawyers in Zimbabwe, they don't always know the right court to go to to seek relief for their electoral grievances.
And I shake my bald head with disbelief, sincerely, when Tsvangirai and his MDC-T party behave as if they were the only strangers in Jerusalem, pretending not to have seen the huge writing on the wall, of the defeat that faced them at the elections.
Overall, therefore, in a National Assembly comprising 270 seats, ZANU-PF secured a total of 197, compared to 70 for the MDC-T, 2 for the MDC-M, and the one independent.
Leaders of the smaller parties in the country, Zapu and Mavambo Kusile Dawn, have ruled out joining forces with MDC-T to try and unseat Mugabe, as has Ncube who split with Tsvangirai in 2005.
On 16 October, MDC-T leader and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai announced that his party was "partially pulling out" not from the government proper, but "disengaging from Zanu-PF and cabinet" until all outstanding issues bedevilling the power-sharing government have been resolved.
However, Tsvangirai, whose MDC-T has 100 seats in parliament to Zanu PF's 99, and who asked for the SADC summit, has rejected the SADC decision, claiming "it does not deal with the [issues of] equitability and fairness in the allocation and distribution of all ministerial portfolios".
According to MDC-T, Tsvangirai felt short-changed by the deal.
MDC-T has also been publishing a list of people it claims to have been killed or assaulted by Zanu-PF supporters, but so far the police have dismissed this as opposition propaganda.
In the upper house, or the Senate, the 60 contested seats were split 30 to Zanu PF, 24 to MDC-T, and six to MDC-M.