MDCBMedical Dosimetrist Certification Board
MDCBMarlene Dietrich Collection Berlin (museum collection; Germany)
MDCBMotor Driven Core Barrel (tool)
MDCBMonongahela Duck Club Band (Pittsburgh, PA)
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In the MDCB test, a wedge of known thickness, [DELTA], is driven, using a stepper motor, into the sample along the interface (via an initial notch) at a constant velocity of 5 [micro]m/s.
This is summarized in Table 4, which shows that the fracture energy (measured by MDCB test), [chi] (measured by SAXS), and the mutual diffusion coefficient (measured by RBS) are all consistent with each other.
AH) organization's MDCB and ASHI (two medical societies committed to supporting children and their families who receive treatment for cancer).