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MDCRMichigan Department of Civil Rights
MDCRMinimum Desired Cell Rate
MDCRMiller-Dieker Syndrome Chromosome Region
MDCRMountain Dew: Code Red (soft drink)
MDCRMinimum Detectable Count Rate (health physics)
MDCRMissile Director Control Room
MDCRModular Data Collection & Recording (System)
MDCRMini Digital Cassette Recorder (Philips Electronics)
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The UMDF is committed to the long-term financial sponsorship of the MDCR and will serve as guardian of the information and coordinator of the project.
Delphi noted that it will provide a complete MDCR fuel injection system to JCB, comprising the pump, rail, injectors, filter and an engine-mounted electronic control unit (ECU).
Each participant will be presented with an initial survey that captures demographic and diagnostic information as well as opinions on the MDCR and how it should be used in the future.
The Delphi Multec(TM) MDCR will help JCB to meet the more stringent Tier 3 emissions standards which are implemented this year.
The successful bidder shall be subject to a pre-award compliance review by the MDCR in accordance with Chapters 139.