MDDCMid Devon District Council (Devon, England, UK)
MDDCMonocyte-Derived Dendritic Cell
MDDCMaryland Developmental Disabilities Council (Baltimore, MD)
MDDCMissile Defense Data Center
MDDCMaryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia (geographic media network)
MDDCMassachusetts Developmental Disabilites Council
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I see the work that the MDDC does in my district and around the Commonwealth; they truly strive to make lives better.
In the first issue of the Mary Immaculate Training College Annual in 1927 an article entitled 'Wanted--A New Woman' set out the reasons for and rules of the MDDC.
This attitude is evident in letters from teachers who were teaching in the primary schools to the MDDC and which were printed in the Annual:
61) It allowed the students initially to collectively create and fashion the ideal of the female teacher and as the practices associated with the MDDC became established, teachers working in the schools interpellated other women into the Crusade.
More significantly crusaders were expected to exclude women by 'showing disapproval in no uncertain way' should they breach the Crusade's codes of modesty even if these women were not members of the MDDC.
Although situated within a system of power the students who inaugurated the MDDC and the teachers who joined the Crusade had a very lucid sense of themselves as leaders.
68) By 1929 12,000 women were enrolled in the MDDC.
Since being acquired by MIPS Technologies two years ago, the MDDC facility has grown five times its original size and the technical staff has doubled to almost 50 engineers.
MDDC is instrumental to MIPS Technologies' ability to serve Europe's key high technology market leaders with the embedded microprocessor intellectual property (IP) for embedded processors on which some companies are basing technology roadmaps.
Since joining MIPS Technologies less than two years ago, MDDC has offered significant microprocessor, system-on-chip and MIPS architecture expertise to companies who are inventing the next generation of consumer devices," said Bourgoin.
We are working with MDDC to enable this next generation with a special high performance, extremely low power 32-bit MIPS core that includes specific extensions to the MIPS architecture.
MDDC Leading Power and Performance Designs for Next Generation Devices