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MDDLMarket Data Definition Language
MDDLMinimum Draw Down Level (hydroelectricity)
MDDLMorris Dancing Discussion List
MDDLMedical Device Data Language
MDDLMinimum-Diameter Degree-Limited
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MDDL facilitates the interaction of information between exchanges and related sources, vendors and redistributors, and consumers of market data.
This core feature allows for the XML schema of MDDL to maintain harmonization and be in compliance with the ISO Securities Data Model, which is currently in development, scheduled for release this fall.
When YSR came to power in 2004, he not only restored the MDDL at Srisailam to 854 ft, but also proposed to expand the scope of Pothireddypadu regulator to releasing 44,000 cusecs so as to provide irrigation to Kadapa, particularly his Pulivendula constituency.
The initial use of MDDL is for end-of-day and snapshot applications but it has been designed to be extensible to streaming, historical, and other applications as appropriate.
By providing our data in industry-standard formats such as MDDL and ISO 15022, we continue to meet the various delivery requirements of our customers," said Marty Williams, vice president, FT Interactive Data.
Sarvega XML Speedway software is standards-compliant, including support for XML, FIXML, ACORD XML, MDDL, ebXML, XBRL and others.
The Sarvega XML Speedway software is standards compliant, including support for standards such as XML, FIXML, ACORD XML, MDDL, ebXML, XBRL, as well as others.
Program topics include: * Realities of an industry standard protocol for market data * Moving toward a data-centric view of securities processing * Designing for flexibility in XML implementation * Standard market data terms, definitions and relationships * Case studies on MDDL implementation
Financial Services XA-Xchange Hub interoperates with data sources including SWIFT/SWIFT FIN 2003, FIX, ISO15221, ISO7775, ISO15022, X12 and UN/EDIFACT, SMDX, IMF SDDS, Reuters InterTrade Direct (RITD), Treasury Workstation Integration Standards Team (TWIST), RIXML, FIXML, MDDL and XBRL.
TigerLogic XDMS Provides Fast Access to Aggregated Financial Research Through Bundled Support for RIXML, XBRL, MDDL and Other XML Standards * Innovative Data Abstraction Layer Enabled by TigerLogic XDMS Stores Aggregated Data in the Mid-Tier to Improve Efficiency of IT and Offload Processing from the Back-End Systems * Flexibility of TigerLogic XDMS Hierarchical Data Architecture XML-Enables Existing IT Infrastructures and Complements EAI, EII, ETL, Data Warehousing and Relational DBMS Solutions
Based on Real-World Production Deployments within Leading Financial Services Corporations, New Program Offers "No Custom-coding, Snap-in" XML Web Services Security for XBRL, MDDL, or FIXML Standard-based Applications