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MDDMMultimedia Databases and Data Management (workshop)
MDDMMalcolm Dent Digital Media (UK)
MDDMModified Disk Diffusion Method (antimicrobial resistance testing method)
MDDMMajor Depression and Diabetes mellitus
MDDMMotor Driven Dough Mixer
MDDMModular Derrick Drilling Machine
MDDMMulti-Carrier Delay Diversity Modulation (wireless communications)
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The modular design and the number of quick connector devices also reduces the assembly time which leads to reduced delivery time of a complete MH MDDM 1000 .
The MDDM (Multi Denomination Dispensing Mechanism) - With its highly robust, tamperproof cassettes, fast transaction speed and IDD(TM) Intelligent Double Detection technology, this heavy duty dispenser enables casinos to provide their guests with instant access to their cash 24/7.
De La Rue is launching the MDDM, (Multi-Denomination Dispensing Mechanism) at the show.
MDDM now has a 50% interest in the world commercialization rights to a cancer treatment which is still to undergo patient trials.
MDDM helps achieve consistency in the configuration of the data management aspects of directory systems with a management GUI.