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MdDSMal de Debarquement Syndrome
MDDSMedical Device Data System
MDDSMaterial Declaration Data Sheet (materials disclosure)
MDDSMulti-Domain Dissemination System (PACOM)
MDDSMission Data Distribution System
MDDSMultimedia Digital Distribution System
MDDSMaintenance Data Development System
MDDSMain Deck Hatch Closed & Dogged
MDDSMission Data Debriefing Software
MDDSMetric Data Display System
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MDDS Executive Director, Elizabeth Price, stated, “This is the first project of this type created through organized dentistry and owned by its members.
I have been diagnosed with MdDS which was not an easy diagnosis to come by.
Springfield resident Susan Edson, who had never heard of MdDS before, developed the malady after she took an Inside Passage cruise to Alaska in June a year ago.
By re-classifying these products as low-risk, the rule says manufacturers must register with the FDA, list their MDDS devices, report adverse events and comply with the FDA's Quality Systems regulation.
I work closely with the American (non-profit) MdDS Balance Disorder Foundation.
A definitive diagnosis of MDDS is difficult because of its extreme genetic and clinical heterogeneity.
Leading expert on MdDS Professor Yoon-Hee Cha, of the University of California, said: "It is an under-recognised disorder, for which there is no cure.
military about the capabilities, limitations, and employment techniques of MDD and SSD teams.
It seems that fledging Blue-footed Boobies develop plunge-diving skills and attain MDDs similar to those of adults relatively quickly.
Contact the founders of the MdDS Balance Disorder Foundation (a National Heritage Foundation) at rjosselyn2@comcast.
The Chilean Air Force is the latest service to select Teac's MDR-87 (along with the MDDS system) for its new F-16 C/D aircraft fleet.