MDECMichigan District Export Council
MDECManual Data Entry Centre
MDECMedical Devices Evaluation Committee (est. 1990; Department of Health and Ageing Therapeutic Goods Administration; Australia)
MDECManual Data Entry Clerk
MDECMcDonnell Douglas Electronics Company (St. Charles, MO)
MDECMTU Diesel Electronic Controls
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Both the IBL and the GBL were extremely anoxic and out of compliance of the minimum MDEC Standards.
The pH measured at the VNP, IBL, GBL, and BSC was not in disparity with the MDEC Standard.
MDEC is also pioneering research into strategies and practices that successfully keep men in school.
But few at MDEC feel they hold low standards for their students.
Ruwad Establishment is now entering a new phase of work with MDEC regarding the development of small and medium IT projects by inviting a group of companies from Malaysia to offer their services and creations to the government and private sectors in the UAE.
MDEC COO Ng Wan Peng, after signing the MoU said, "If the partnership helps Malaysian applications successfully tap into overseas market, we will apply the cooperation model to other ASEAN countries .
On July 1, 1995, MDEC's membership increased by 55,817 as its largest administrative services only (ASO) account, covering employees of the State of Connecticut, converted to full-risk status, bringing total full-risk membership at MDEC to 116,957.
MDEC also serves 72,265 individuals on an administrative services only (ASO) basis, most of whom are employees of the State of Connecticut.
A job offer is required and the employer needs to have approval from the relevant authority (MIDA, MDEC, Central Bank of Malaysia, Securities Commission or Public Service Department of Malaysia).
Under the terms of the acquisition agreement, Health Systems International had retained the option to purchase all the MDEC equity with cash or with the company's common stock.
Additional merger-related costs of approximately $7 million are expected to be recorded by MDEC in its 1994 financial statements.
Because of the high traffic volumes into the MDECs, Global Crossing will be laying direct fibre optic links ranging from 155 to 34Megabit/s while the links between the mail centres will operate at 2, 4 and 8Mbit/s.