MDEXMalaysia Derivatives Exchange
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The drug had already been tested for safety and efficacy by the MDEX Consortium and AVI Biopharma in an earlier phase of the study.
This was supported by Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) President Bob Pisano who said the proposed MDEX contract, and a separate proposal by Cantor Futures Exchange, which is still pending before the CFTC, "serve no public interest and, to the contrary, can significantly harm the motion picture industry and impose new, substantial costs that do not exist today.
Endeca, Endeca Latitude, Guided Navigation, Endeca InFront and MDEX Engine are trademarks or registered trademarks of Endeca Technologies, Inc.
Increased agility to allow customers to take their own path - Performance enhancements and new capabilities to the InFront MDEX and Content Acquisition System enable exploration and discovery across the wide spectrum of content and data.
Latitude 2 introduces new technology in the Endeca MDEX Engine[R], and key capabilities that accelerate the time to deploy agile BI solutions, including:
Our MDEX Engine technology has already revolutionized the eCommerce market where diverse and changing data is a characteristic at the world's largest online retailers.
In addition, the company announced the latest release of its MDEX Engine[R] technology, a hybrid search-analytical database that provides unprecedented flexibility in combining diverse and changing data, and extreme performance in analyzing that data.
The patented Endeca MDEX Engine[TM] technology, a new class of technology optimized for helping shoppers explore content, regardless of its source or format, delivers the user experience and advanced merchandising capabilities that improve traffic, conversion and online sales.