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MDFMedium Density Fiberboard
MDFMain Distribution Frame
MDFmyocardial depressant factor
MDFMedium Density Fiber
MDFMain Distribution(al) Facility
MDFMagyar Demokrata Fórum (Hungarian Democratic Forum)
MDFMule Deer Foundation
MDFManic Depression Fellowship (UK)
MDFMarketing Development Funds
MDFMaster Data File
MDFMy Dear Friend
MDFMacular Degeneration Foundation
MDFMulti-Density Fiberboard (construction)
MDFMagic Defense (video gaming)
MDFMission Data File
MDFMade the Cut, Did Not Finish (PGA golf tournament)
MDFMild Detonating Fuse
MDFMicro Data Format
MDFMineral Development Fund (Namibia)
MDFManipulator Development Facility
MDFMonitor Definition File
MDFMultimedia Description Framework
MDFMeta Data Framework
MDFMicrophone Data File
MDFMeta Data Processing Framework
MDFMultiplicative Decrease Factor
MDFMain Defense Forces (NATO)
MDFMux Data Frame
MDFMultisensor Data Fusion
MDFMercados de Futuros (Guatemala)
MDFMinimum Detectable Flux
MDFMirror Description Format
MDFMethanol Dehydrogenase
MDFMain Data Feed
MDFMonopulse Direction Finding
MDFMammalian Development Facility
MDFMain Distribution Frequency
MDFMorte Di Fame (Italian: Dying of Hunger)
MDFMaritime Defense Force
MDFMason Dixon Farms, Inc. (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
MDFManual Dial Facility
MDFMaterial Discrepancy Form
MDFMateriel Distribution Forecasting
MDFMission Data Folders
MDFMultiband Direction Finder
MDFMendelsohn Difference Family
MDFMain Debris Field
MDFMaryland Deathfest (music festival)
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97% of leading brands are investing or are planning to invest in packaged solutions that support local co-op and MDF programs.
The mass loss of MDF was very low for exposure at both 45[degrees] and 90[degrees], suggesting that biodegradation did not occur in MDF.
The new range is based on the latest MDF color trends, which includes Era-Coat MDF Primo, a uniquely engineered primer and a topcoat Era-Coat MDF 32T, available in 20 trendy colors and textures.
We would love to use MDF for the glazing beads in doubling glazing but customers do not like the look of raw MDF.
There's a trick to making MDF look natural," says French Ranch developer and builder Bruce Burman, Feldman's business partner.
The bottom hole needs to be smaller to support the glass, so this was cut at 880mm x 380mm, while the hole in the 6mm MDF is 900mm x 400mm, the exact size of the glass.
MDF cements have high compressive strengths, and their flexural properties are remarkable.
If you own shares of MDF stock and wish to discuss the legal ramifications of the proposed transaction, or have any questions, you may e-mail or call the law office of Brodsky & Smith, LLC who will, without obligation or cost to you, attempt to answer your questions.
Shelf - library, measuring 142x250x25 cm, open shelves proper grid, MDF, painted in high-quality white lacquer.
We've already seen a handful of cases where distributors and resellers, some having up to hundreds of vendors, find it extremely challenging to manage their Co-op dollars and MDF," said Ron Bostater, Channel Sales Manager at Computer Market Research.
The MDF has 11 events planned for 2011 so far, and is expected to reach 50,000 young shooters in the next five years.