MDFBMissouri Development Finance Board
MDFBMedium Density Fiber Board
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Secondly, the MDFB constraint cannot be ensured by Voronoi polygons.
The second is about the MDFB constraint; that is, the distance between some segments of Concave([B.
The distance between any vertex on the concave hull, representing the midpoint of a cross-sector edge, and any vertex of G is at least MDFB.
For any vertex on the concave hull, if the corresponding cross-sector edge represents a real air-route segment, the edge is at least MDFB away from any vertex of G according to Rule 3 in Section 3.
The performance of the MDFB division has lately been stressed on the back of increased cost and devaluation of local currency, translating into depressed margins.
I am confident that a vote of approval by the MDFB will send a strong signal of support not only to this company, but also to other businesses in other states looking at Missouri as a potential place to relocate.
Pete Kinder, was concerned that the loans would not make much of a dent in the state's economy given their small size, the Kansas City Star reported in an April 21 article, the same day the MDFB voted to move forward with the fund.
Under the agreement, Schnucks will lease the street-level retail portion of the Ninth Street Garage from the MDFB - the agency that built the garage, owns the property and is spearheading the entire Old Post Office development.