MDGAMiniature Dairy Goat Association (Corvallis, Oregon)
MDGAMaryland Dairy Goat Association (Emmitsburg Maryland)
MDGAMinnesota Dairy Goat Association
MDGAMidwest Deaf Golf Association (est. 1947)
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Significant improvements were achieved at three and 12 weeks after treatment in the number of TPs, pain, PGA, MDGA, NPDS, NHP and HAM-A scores when compared with the pre-treatment values, in both group 1 and group 2, (p<0.
Significant improvements were achieved in the mean intensity of TPs, PGA and MDGA scores at three weeks in group 2 (p<0.
1 SDAI = Simplified Disease Activity Index; TJC = tender joint count; SJC = swollen joint count; PGA = patient global assessment; MDGA = physician global assessment; CRP = C-reactive protein; CDAI = Clinical Disease Activity Index; DAS-28 = 28-Joint Disease Activity Score; ESR = erythrocyte sedimentation rate.