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38% by the end of 2015, far exceeding the guidelines set by the MDGs.
Omitted entirely from the MDGs, the relationship between business and development featured heavily in the formulation of the Global Goals.
She said that although the country had failed to achieve the MDGS, it could achieve the SDGs but only if instead of competing with others it promoted friendly ties with countries such as Afghanistan.
The MDGs are eight international development goals that were established following the Millennium Summit of the UN in the year 2000.
Sheikh Aftab said that under MDGs new roads, gas, power and water supply schemes would be started.
The committee decided to hold its next meeting on Wednesday for discussing the issues related to MDGs.
They stressed that restoring security and stability would be key to achieving the remaining MDGs, as well as being ready to achieve new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Kagame was speaking on Friday in New York at the launch of the MDGs report.
Speaking about Western Asia, Debbabi said that the region made major progress on some MDGs, but miss other targets due to tensions in the region which did not provide the appropriate environment for development.
8,9) In turn, the MDGs, which were created through a technocratic, top-down process as a road map for implementation of the Millennium Declaration, only included one Goal relating to sexual and reproductive health and rights-MDG 5, which called for improvement in maternal health.
The Goals -- which will build on the foundation laid by the MDGs and also respond to new challenges -- will be applicable to all countries while taking into account national circumstances.
HH Sheikh Jaber noted that the adoption of the MDGs represented a turning point in the ability of the UN to lobby the political will of the international community to reduce poverty and realize sustainable economic development in an apparent and viable way.