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MDHSMississippi Department of Human Services
MDHSMethods for the Determination of Hazardous Substances (United Kingdom)
MDHSMater Dei High School (Santa Ana, CA)
MDHSMcDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems
MDHSMarkham District High School (Canada)
MDHSMilton District High School (Canada)
MDHSMount Dora High School (Lake County, FL)
MDHSMonsignor Donovan High School (Ocean County, NJ)
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MDHS' DPI is responsible for performing independent reviews of all federal grants received by MDHS that are administered by its divisions such as DCS.
The 2004 MDHS shows that 91% Of children aged 12 to 23 had been vaccinated against TB.
Pingree played a role in positively influencing the position of the MDHS, making known to the Maine Commission of Human Services that she wanted to see the legislation passed (Price & Greene, 1999, p.
Before mobile computing, MDHS nurses drove to a branch office to collect forms for each day's work, completed all forms manually during the day's patient visits, and returned the forms to the branch office at completion, sometimes making more than one trip per day.
The 1994-1995 cost summary file was created by MDHS in early June 1995.
The project improved the quality of care, and in the MDHS annual audit the average rate of retinal screening at these three health centres improved from 18% to 42% after the pilot project.
Furthermore, the Medicaid managed care mandate, the requirement that MSHO HMOs be PMAP providers, MSHO overpayments to HMOs, and marketing regulations by CMS and MDHS also played important roles in alleviating, but not eliminating, favorable MSHO HMO risk selection.
MDHS is one of the largest agencies in the Mississippi State Government system with over 3,200 employees statewide encompassing 12 divisions.
Community action agencies across the state have seen an increase in requests for energy assistance, said Tina Ruffin, director of MDHS Division of Community Services.
However, MDHS and RRCS would gain under a single rate.
SCAO and MDHS data are included in Michigan's statewide data warehouse - one of the most comprehensive in the nation - which serves as the informational and analytical backbone for the project.
The MDHS will now also directly manage the interventions to support the establishment and strengthening of these health committees, currently deemed the primary function of the CMHF structures.