MDICMinistério do Desenvolvimento, Indústria e Comércio Exterior (Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce; Brazil)
MDICMultimedia Databases and Image Communication
MDICMultidisciplinary Interview Center
MDICManchester Decoder & Interface Chip
MDICMilitary Department Intelligence Chief
MDICMinimal Demineralisation-Inhibiting Concentration
MDICMetered-Dose Inhaler Chronolog (asthma)
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Concerning the international market, the association helps cachacarias by linking the companies to other stakeholders such as SEBRAE (national end specifically the one from Rio Grande do Sul state), APEX, MAPA, MDIC, FIERGS, SDPI, FARSUL, and others.
3) Nonstandard abbreviations: FDA, US Food and Drug Administration; MDIC, Medical Device Innovation Consortium.
506,00 * 2008--Ate Junho Fontes: WFB: empresas--Brasil: Sistema Aliceweb MDIC NCM consultadas: 22042100, 22041010, 22042900, 22041090, 022043000 Grafico 3: Destino das Exportacoes--Projeto (2008) Republica Tcheca; 1% Nigeria; 1% Canada; 3% Polonia; 2% Suecia; 2% China; 2% Suica; 10% Reino Unido; 4% Alemanha; 9% Holanda; 9% EUA; 12% Japao; 3% Paraguai; 17% Russia; 25% ** 2007--20 paises ** 2008 *--22 paises * Jan.
LifeScience Alley (MichBio's sister organization in Minnesota) provided the leadership and support to the initial development phase of the MDIC that is now transitioning to an independent organization.
The CDRH is attempting to improve both participation levels and the overall process by working with the MDIC to simplify trial design.
Dr Kassem travelled to Brazil as the guest of MDIC and MPOG and met with senior figures in both the Brazilian government and army.
MDIC made tremendous progress in the first year by bringing together the key players in the field of Computational Modeling and Simulation (CM&S).
Under terms of the agreement, which is effective January 1, 1999, Medical Assurance's Birmingham-based subsidiary, Mutual Assurance, will manage all existing policies and prior liabilities of MDA and MDIC.
based MDIC is a non-profit organization formed in 2012 to enhance regulatory science around medical devices.
MDIC commented that Rafiz Azuan Abdullah, General Manager for Insurance, Risk Assessment and Monitoring Division, has been selcected as Chairman of the Islamic Deposit Insurance Group of IADI.
The mission of MDIC will be to foster innovation, increase the tools available to evaluate new medical devices to assure that they are safe and effective, and ensure that innovative devices get to patients as quickly as possible while still protecting public health.
Sharp's industry-leading hologram pick-up unit and thin mechanism along with MDIC allow the drives to shrink to a 17 mm high form factor and hot-plug in to a standard floppy disk drive slot providing easy integration into new designs.