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MDIOManagement Data Input/Output (IEEE 802.3)
MDIOMulti-District Information Organization (various locations)
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When the BIPM processes CGGTTS data from a single-frequency receiver such as the TAI-1, the MDIO correction is removed from REFGPS, and a measured ionospheric delay correction (MSIO) is substituted, reducing the uncertainty of the REFGPS estimate.
The MDIO project will specify the logical architecture and frame structure, module control and host-module signaling theory, and MDIO register set.
Speed and duplex mode auto-negotiation is done through the MDIO for providing serial management data signal.
It supports link lengths of at least 220m on OM1, OM2, and OM3 MMF, provides a Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) and MDIO Management Interface that enables customers to monitor performance and other characteristics of the part.
0 standard-compliant MDIO management bus to control the programmable features such as BIST, loopback modes and de-emphasis.
The Puma AEL1002 Evaluation Kit ships with the evaluation kit board itself, an MDIO interface board, a laptop PC pre-loaded with an easy-to-use Aeluros GUI software package, and all cables and connectors required to interface to the board.
The initial test between the Mentor Graphics Gigabit MAC and the Mysticom's MY1104/E Gigabit Quad PHY demonstrated 1000BASE-X standard compliance with error-free operation while communicating through the Ten Bit Interface and an MDIO bus.
Altima's AC108SU also has programmability using an EPROM or an MDIO interface for complete register and PHY access.
Paxonet Communications' CoreEl line of IP cores provides support for other functions critical in building a 10 Gigabit line card, including a 10 GigE MAC, an OC-192 framer, and MDIO management tools.
The Ixia XENPAK Load Module also provides a Management Data Input/Output (MDIO) interface, which allows the Load Module to act as the Station Management entity (STA), controlling one or more MDIO Manageable Devices (MMD) in the user's system.
He and his team play a key role in the company's management of its fleet of aircraft, such as the decision to acquire 767s to retire aging MDios and the introduction of the Boeing 777F.