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MDISManagement Development Institute of Singapore
MDISMercury Dual Imaging System
MDISMedical Devices In Scotland
MDISMicronutrient Deficiency Information System (WHO)
MDISMcDonnell Information Systems (UK)
MDISMcDonnell Douglas Information Systems
MDISMedical Diagnostic Imaging Support
MDISMobile Data Intermediate System
MDISMeta Data Interchange Specification
MDISMidlands Driver Information System
MDISModeling, Data and Information System (NASA)
MDISMobile Digital Imaging System
MDISMaintenance & Diagnostic Information System
MDISMobilization and Deployment Information System (US Army)
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That said, the government sector could yet be a lucrative one too, and MDIS reckons it is well-placed to benefit from the Labour government's drive towards modernizing the UK economy.
Linking this app to the MDIS database was easily the most challenging aspect of the development process," said Steve Schebesch, Morgan Drexen's Visual Design Director.
In addition to being able to log into MDIS, the new mobile application allows users to map Morgan Drexen, call us or email the company, connect with Morgan Drexen's social networks, and view the company's RSS news feeds at any time.
MDIS is also likely to dispose of its PRO IV applications development tools business after it too was expected to report revenues significantly below expectations.
We are proud of being selected by MDIS and we look forward to providing our award winning insurance technology solution to expedite the execution of MDIS global strategy.
Our partnership with MDIS UK is an important step in the implementation of our growth strategy and further supports our commitment to the UK insurance market said Roni Al-Dor, President and CEO of Sapiens.
With a specific focus on patient-centered care, Capsule's new SmartLinx MDIS connects medical devices into an integrated system that not only provides connectivity with electronic medical records (EMRs) and other information systems, but also delivers monitoring, management, and analysis of real-time patient data.
The Amara agreement comes on the heels of Capsule's recent introduction of its SmartLinx(TM) Medical Device Information System (MDIS), the industry's first MDIS.
Industry's First MDIS to Be Demonstrated at AONE; Utilizes Point-of-Care Device Data to Deliver Timely, Actionable Clinical Insight
Industry's First MDIS Utilizes Point-of-Care Device Data to Deliver Timely, Actionable Clinical and Operational Insight From All Connected Medical Devices
He previously served in sales management positions at IMI and MDIS.
The MDIS offering helps harness the complexity of enterprise technology, including desktop workstations, LANs, laptops and handheld computers for companies with up to and over 20,000 desktops.