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MDLMoldovan Leu (ISO currency code)
MDLMethod Detection Limit (analytical laboratories)
MDLMulti-District Litigation (proceeding)
MDLMeteorological Development Lab (US NWS)
MdLMitglied des Landtages (German: Member of Federal State Parliament)
MDLMinimum Description Length Principle (code length)
MDLMinimum Detection Limit
MdlMuendlich (German: Verbal)
MDLMilitary Demarcation Line
MDLMicroStation Development Language (C-like programming language for MicroStation)
MDLMinimal Description Length
MDLMemory Descriptor List
MDLMinimum Detectable Level
MDLMolecular Design LTD (corporate name)
MDLMeaning Definition Language
MDLMessenger Discovery Live
MDLMicroelectronics Development Laboratory
MDLMaster Document List
MDLMission Data Loader
MDLMaintenance Data Link
MDLMicrowave Development Laboratories (Needham, MA)
MDLMaster Drawing List
MDLMessage Definition Language
MDLManagement Data List
MDLMAGTF Data Library
MDLMain Drive Line
MDLMultipurpose Data Link
MDLMember Digital Library (IEEE)
MDLMaximum Data Length
MDLMaster Data List
MDLMaintenance Drug List
MDLMoray Model
MDLMap Definition Language
MDLMultiuse Data Link
MDLMeta Data Layer
MDLMatrix Definition Language
MDLMinimum Decode Level
MDLMicro-Disk Laser
MDLMaterial Deviation List
MDLMerged DRAM with Logic
MDLMachinery Data Logger
MDLMaximum Detectable Limit
MDLManufacturing Delivery Leader
MDLMarine Data Link (US Navy)
MDLMaintenance Deficiency List
MDLMinimal Demand Load
MDLMessage Distribution Library
MDLMessage Dispatching Logic
MDLMaximum Day Limit (medical benefit prescription plans)
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MDL Timber has a huge choice of decking timber in a variety of styles and sizes - softwood, hardwood or even composite decking - which offer durability at affordable prices.
Dealerships today are more reliant than ever on having an automated and efficient way to connect the service guest to their sales advisor for lifetime relationships which translate to increase retention, revenue, and profits," said George Cresto, Founder & CEO of MDL.
MDL currently has a team of 32 across Aberdeen and Peterhead.
The next step is to identify areas within the MDL where Mining Leases can be applied.
Although pathways and network analysis of bioactive compounds is a common practice in MetaCore, we partnered with Elsevier MDL for in depth coverage of literature and patent-derived information relevant for compounds.
MDL borrowed bonds in order to sell them and pay back the lenders at a later date, a practice known as taking a short position or shorting.
An MDL was created to deal with asbestos, and the judge handling the cases developed an "inactive" or "unimpaired" docket to handle the tremendous caseload.
The MDL values in table 2 differ depending on which compound ingredients is varied.
MDL appointed an FTZ Administrator who oversees all the customs reporting, and ensures that FTZ customers are receiving the highest amount of savings possible.
MDL is a member of the Genesis Biotechnology Group located in Hamilton, New Jersey in "Einstein's Alley", the research and technology corridor of New Jersey, in close proximity to major metropolitan centers in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
We recognise London is a hotbed of creativity and MDL is focused wholly on fulfilling the potential of that.
MDL Broad Market Fixed Income (MBMFX) is classed as a multisector bond fund, meaning that it holds various types of bonds.