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MDLMoldovan Leu (ISO currency code)
MDLMethod Detection Limit (analytical laboratories)
MDLMulti-District Litigation (proceeding)
MDLMeteorological Development Lab (US NWS)
MdLMitglied des Landtages (German: Member of Federal State Parliament)
MDLMinimum Description Length Principle (code length)
MDLMinimum Detection Limit
MdlMuendlich (German: Verbal)
MDLMilitary Demarcation Line
MDLMicroStation Development Language (C-like programming language for MicroStation)
MDLMinimal Description Length
MDLMemory Descriptor List
MDLMinimum Detectable Level
MDLMolecular Design LTD (corporate name)
MDLMeaning Definition Language
MDLMessenger Discovery Live
MDLMicroelectronics Development Laboratory
MDLMaster Document List
MDLMission Data Loader
MDLMaintenance Data Link
MDLMicrowave Development Laboratories (Needham, MA)
MDLMaster Drawing List
MDLMessage Definition Language
MDLManagement Data List
MDLMAGTF Data Library
MDLMain Drive Line
MDLMultipurpose Data Link
MDLMember Digital Library (IEEE)
MDLMaximum Data Length
MDLMaster Data List
MDLMaintenance Drug List
MDLMoray Model
MDLMap Definition Language
MDLMultiuse Data Link
MDLMeta Data Layer
MDLMatrix Definition Language
MDLMinimum Decode Level
MDLMicro-Disk Laser
MDLMaterial Deviation List
MDLMerged DRAM with Logic
MDLMachinery Data Logger
MDLMaximum Detectable Limit
MDLManufacturing Delivery Leader
MDLMarine Data Link (US Navy)
MDLMaintenance Deficiency List
MDLMinimal Demand Load
MDLMessage Distribution Library
MDLMessage Dispatching Logic
MDLMaximum Day Limit (medical benefit prescription plans)
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En setiembre de 2013, Fonafifo registro ante la Secretaria Ejecutiva del MDL el proyecto denominado Captura de Carbono en Fincas de Pequenas(os) y Medianos(as) Productores(as) de la Region Brunca (Proyecto Coopeagri), que destaco por ser el primer proyecto MDL forestal del pais.
Este proceso llevo dos anos, la propuesta fue duramente criticada por los evaluadores del MDL y alcanzo una calificacion de "B", por lo que fue rechazada.
statute itself, which provides that any MDL "action .
lack of MDL transparency, the loss of the individual claim, and the
This system has several loopholes that allow attorneys to avoid fully contributing to the CBF--a full contribution being one based on the recovery of every client for whom the MDL work product is applied.
40) For those cases that do not get removed, the question remains: Does the MDL court have jurisdiction to require the defendant to hold back a percentage of the state court recovery from attorneys representing clients in both the federal MDL and state court?
Meanwhile, kids will love playing in their own Wendy house from MDL, and there's even a range of kennels, hutches and coops for all your animals' needs
Whether you want to shop in store, online or over the phone, MDL Timber has your DIY needs covered.
The lab also offers the MDL Cystic Fibrosis Comprehensive Test, an expanded CFTR gene sequence analysis that screens for 191 variants, including the recommended 23 major mutations, in addition to nine mutations recommended by the US FDA to determine treatment efficacy of Kalydeco (ivacaftor).
Finally, the MDL Cystic Fibrosis Site Specific Analysis screens for known family CF mutations priorly detected in blood relatives.
Other aspects receiving a harder look from the Panel today are whether there are a sufficient number of cases to create an MDL; whether the factual and legal issues in the cases are sufficiently complex to require MDL treatment; and whether the cases are at different procedural stages, meaning an MDL might actually slow down progress.
Despite this new trend, an MDL is a good avenue to pursue when there are a large number of complex cases.