MDLCMaryland Disability Law Center
MDLCMinnesota Disability Law Center
MDLCMinnesota Digital Library Coalition
MDLCMuseum Digital Licensing Collective
MDLCMotorola Data Link Communications
MDLCMultidimesional Liquid Chromatography
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The MDLC communication allows the FIU to poll the remote RTUs, the RTUs to send exceptions to the FIU, and for remote downloading and diagnostics to take place on any of the control equipment remotely.
The RF infrastructure and MDLC protocol tied into the MOSCAD RTUs make maintenance and trouble shooting easier.
Topics covered include instrumentation, theory, methods development, and applications of MDLC in the life sciences and in industrial chemistry.
Thermo introduced the MDLC LTQ, a high-end LC/MS that combines GE Bio-Sciences' Ettan MDLC with Thermo's LTQ linear ion trap MS (see IBO 3/15/03).
MDLC LTQ -- High-end LC/MSn platform jointly developed with GE Healthcare, formerly known as Amersham Biosciences, featuring extensive experimental versatility, analytical precision, patented low-volume nanovalves, biocompatible flow path, multidimensional separations, pre-configured method strategies and unique conductivity flow cell.
Infinitec's flagship product, Inteleflex, is a new generation MDLC, utilizing Infinitec's proprietary breakthrough CTP technology.
The collaboration is expected to provide researchers with improved and customized technologies and workflows for protein expression analysis using ICAT reagents, including the Vision(TM) Workstation for preparative MDLC [multidimensional liquid chromatography], the API QSTAR(R) Pulsar Hybrid LC/MS/MS system, and ICAT reagent kits.