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MDMA3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (Ecstasy)
MDMAMidwest Direct Marketing Association
MDMAMuseum Domain Management Association
MDMAMovimento Di Massa Antiproibizionista
MDMAMeter Data Management Agent (electric utilities)
MDMAMulti-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency (India)
MDMAMedical Devices Manufacturers Association
MDMAMultithreaded Daemon for Multimedia Access
MDMAMany Delinquent Modern Anarchists (computer virus)
MDMAMinnesota Donkey and Mule Association
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I am privileged to serve on the MDMA Board of Directors," said Eamonn Hobbs.
Following our initial inquiries we now understand Martha had taken a substance earlier that day which she believed was MDMA.
He added: "I would strongly urge young people not to take or experiment with illegal drugs such as MDMA.
This measure was created for this study and asked for the participants' age, gender, education, occupation, and personal history of use of alcohol and illegal drugs including cannabis (marijuana), MDMA (Ecstasy), cocaine, opiates, LSD and psilocybin.
However, it does have its limitations, in particular the fact that we cannot entirely rule out the effects of drug combinations and that we do not know the exact contents of MDMA and meth/amphetamine pills," he noted.
The future of the MDMA, which was on the verge of being disbanded, was all but sealed after LTTE chief Vellupillai Prabhakaran was killed by the Lankan army in May last and the Centre did not respond to the CBI's request for extending the agency's tenure beyond May 31, 2009.
MDMA is an entactogen, literally meaning "a touching within," for its ability to elicit affective responses including enhanced communication, closeness to others, insight, and self-acceptance.
Australia is primarily a consumer nation for illicit narcotics; however, clandestine laboratories producing methamphetamine and MDMA (Ecstasy) continue to be seized throughout the country.
MDMA use was more prevalent among those with deviant scores on the "anxious or depressed" scale of the child behavior checklist in 1983 (hazard ratio 2.
Four decades later, psychedelic research is returning to Harvard, where psychiatrist John Halpern plans to give MDMA (a.
A 37-year-old man from Osaka Prefecture has been arrested and a Polish woman is being sought in connection with the smuggling of ecstasy MDMA tablets into Japan from Germany in April, police said Friday.
The case may get even more complicated because the DEA is expected within the next few weeks to announce its decision in a similar case involving MDMA -- an illegal drug that some believe has potential as an adjunct to psychotherapy.