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MDMCMortgage Data Management Corporation
MDMCMissouri Delta Medical Center (Sikeston, MO)
MDMCMethodist Dallas Medical Center (Texas)
MDMCMulti-Dimensional Mobile Communications
MDMCMaryland Muslim Council (Hunt Valley, MD)
MDMCMaddog Motorcycle Club (Manila, Philippines)
MDMCMinimum Detectable Mutagen Concentration
MDMCMultiple Description Motion Compensation (video coding)
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As of right now I'm be headed next to Weapons System Management Center (WSMC), where I'll get a better look at total life-cycle management; How MCLC Item Managers interact with the Program Managers at Marine Corps Systems Command, how WSMC works with the Maintenance Management Center (MMC) to establish depot lines at MDMC, and how equipment gets integrated in to the Master work schedule.
Sat Aug 13: CMC Cookstown Rally Time Trial Fri Aug 19: NIMC Ulster Rally Fri Aug 26: MDMC Davagh Sunset Rally Sat Sep 3: CMC Cookstown Stages Rally Sat Sep 10: EMC Lakeland Stages
In June 2009, MDMC sold its due diligence operations unit.
For more information about MDMC, visit their website, http://www.
Staffed by specialists with a broad range of talents -- and backed by leading edge technology -- MDMC analyzes portfolios for lenders, servicers, brokers, agencies, investment firms and others.
In addition to seasoned loan deliveries, MDMC also assists clients with deliveries of newly originated FHA and VA loans into GNMA I and II MBS pools on a monthly/flow basis.
MDMC will continue to function as a separate entity, owned and operated by Kent Loehrke and Doug Lackey, specializing in securitization analysis and the delivery of mortgage assets to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae.
Along with compliance with Gramm-Leach-Bliley legislation and State Breach Disclosure Act legislation, completion of a SAS70 Type II Audit positions MDMC to meet industry and client information protection needs.
It was reported that MDMC was placed into receivership and the Florida Department of Financial Services initiated a plan of liquidation.
MDMC's contract with CMS was terminated following action September 29, 2008 by the Circuit Court of the Second Judicial Court in and for Leon County, Florida, which placed MDMC into receivership.
As the demand for reverse mortgages increases, MDMC has expanded its agency delivery offerings to meet the industry need.
MDMC, a mortgage loan analysis firm that provides due diligence and agency delivery services to companies throughout the country, announces that Steve Reilly has joined the company as its newest deal manager.