MDMGMenlo Dermatology Medical Group and Laser Center (Menlo Park, CA)
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MDMG is one of the fastest growing, most profitable medical service operators in Russia.
We highlight the fact that MDMG is launching its IPO at a time of heightened market uncertainty and we are somewhat concerned about its rush to the market even though its capex requirements remain relatively modest and can be mostly covered from own cash flows and debt financing.
In Panel (a), there are an additional twelve cases in the MDMD cell, and eight in the MDMG cell.
MDMG will cover 20% of the purchase price with cash on hand and satisfy the remainder with a bank loan, the company said in August as it announced the purchase agreement.
MDMG CEO Elena Mladova welcomed the deal, saying that it allowed her company to further enhance its healthcare services for women and children and to diversify its capabilities and offer new medical services.