MDMHMarcus Daly Memorial Hospital (Hamilton, MT)
MDMHMiami Dust Mite Harvest (Add N to X song)
MDMHMissouri Department of Mental Health (Jefferson City, MO)
MDMHMichigan Department of Mental Health
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MDMH attorneys who represent the department at the revocation hearing (two FCMs)
The other three means, which were identified more in client focus groups than staff focus groups, were clients filing a lawsuit, clients contacting their treatment team if they disagreed with hospital policy, and clients writing or calling an upper-level MDMH administrator.
Staff also indicated that many important policies that affected clients were made by MDMH or were established in Missouri law.
At the hospital, it was clear to both staff and clients that clients' final decision-making authority rested with the hospital's executive staff, or, in some cases, with the MDMH director or the Missouri legislature.
7 Some important policies that affect clients are made at the MDMH or legislative levels.
To address these questions, the study first reviewed the characteristics of the 188 patients who were residing in the MDMH psychiatric hospital on July 1, 1995.
This study included 188 of the 200 patients hospitalized in one of four MDMH long-term psychiatric hospitals on July 1, 1995.
This study was a secondary analysis of data collected in conjunction with an annual statewide survey of patients in all four MDMH long-term psychiatric hospitals.
Among the 74 discharged patients, 11 patients (15 percent) were rehospitalized in a MDMH long-term psychiatric hospital within six months of the release date.
The third group of forensic patients defined by Missouri statute is made up of defendants committed to MDMH after a finding by the criminal court that they are not guilty by reason of mental insanity (mental disease or defect) (NGRI).
All three types of forensic patients defined by Missouri statute were found in the four MDMH long-term public psychiatric hospitals.
Regardless of degree of integration of forensic and voluntary patients, all four MDMH psychiatric hospitals were in the process of shifting from custodial and psychiatric treatment models to a psychosocial rehabilitation model for voluntary and NGRI patients (Linhorst, 1995b).