MDMMMultimedia Data Mining and Management
MDMMMonocyte-Derived Macrophage Monolayer
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So, while the typical MDMM easily handles the standard sync requirements of applications such as e-mail, contact and activity management, and checklists, it probably doesn't support highly complex data management models, or those requiring a critical degree of data integrity.
You will also still need your MDMM to deploy, monitor, and support the applications you build with specialized products I mentioned.
If you're feeling a little swamped trying to get a handle on the PDAs on your network, a good MDMM solution will help you structure and automate information distribution and manage a diverse PDA pool.
CollabRx is developing web-based applications and services that facilitate this collaboration; the first of these, The Targeted Therapy Finder - Melanoma, leverages the MDMM to find treatments targeted to a patient's specific molecular profile.