MDMRMississippi Department of Marine Resources
MDMRMedical Device Market Research, LLC (Texas)
MDMRMinistry of Disaster Management and Relief (various nations)
MDMRmulti dimensional mobility robot (US DARPA program)
MDMRM-Day Materiel Requirement
MDMRMeter Data Management Repository
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Note: LD = learning disabilities; MMR = mild mental retardation; MDMR = moderate mental retardation; E/BD = emotional/behavioral disorders.
2% for students labeled MDMR to 35% for students labeled E/BD.
A series of chi-square analyses was conducted to investigate the relationship between category of disability (LD, MMR, MDMR, and E/BD) and various transition planning components.
Postsecondary goals appeared in students' plans in the LD, E/BD, and MMR categories an average of 9 times, whereas only 1 student classified MDMR had a postsecondary education goal listed on the transition component.
05); all these team members were significantly more involved in the development of transition components for students labeled MDMR.
05); students with LD and those with E/BD were more likely to receive a diploma, whereas students with MMR and those with MDMR were more likely to receive a certificate of attendance.
The key fact about MDMR," says MedAbiliti's Chairman, Edward Meinert, "is that you can keep your existing medical data systems while adding the distributed framework MDMR provides.
MDMR is a revolutionary approach to creating and managing medical records, and in conjunction with XML-enabled technology, is a solution that makes it an integrative, cost-saving, and security-conscious application.
MedAbiliti's MDMR solution allows you to reutilize existing hardware and technology infrastructures and investments, while meeting and exceeding compliance standards," says MedAbiliti CEO Nicolas Richards.
It is becoming the universal way of representing data and is a very big part of MDMR.
In some ways, MDMR can be thought of as using XML as a platform for system integration.
Meinert summarized the way in which MDMR works to integrate diverse databases and store medical data: "We establish an open framework and add privacy and security features to make the framework HIPAA-compliant.