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MDMSMeter Data Management System
MDMSMetadata Management System
MDMSMarconi Digital Multipoint System (Marconi)
MDMSMaintenance Data Management System
MDMSMission Data Management System
MDMSModel Driven Monitoring System (IBM)
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The Sensus FlexNet and Ecologic MDMS solution is based on the IEC 61968 Part 9 interface, the interoperability standard to provide a CIM (common interface model) gateway for meter reading and control data to be exchanged between the Sensus radio network interface (RNI) head end system and the Ecologic MDMS application.
15-minute and hourly interval data from RNI to MDMS
Nexus MDMS includes a series of business applications that utilize the hourly energy data collected by these advanced meters, providing PPL with enhanced revenue protection, complex billing, forecasting, distribution planning and operations, load research, settlement, and customer service via web based self-service and through the existing call center.
Together, VISTAinfo, MDMS and CyberHomes can offer real estate and related industry professionals an unprecedented range of essential information and services, which will enable our clients to better serve their customers and close transactions quickly and efficiently.
This is a practical application of advanced technology that the average agent can use to enhance the home buying experience," stated Thomas Gregorich, president of MDMS.