MDNRMichigan Department of Natural Resources
MDNRMissouri Department of Natural Resources
MDNRMinnesota Department of Natural Resources
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act upon the suggestions contained in the MDE and MDNR study.
After three years under the new regulations, MDNR conducted a survey to determine whether the agency had met its objectives.
These buy-outs will ensure the protection of areas providing continuity of habitat between two Puritan tiger beetle subpopulations, while also providing management flexibility to MDNR and the Service in dealing with revetment projects and cliff grading in these communities.
Since we followed a standard protocol developed by the MDNR for the fish surveys and related habitat measurements that uses English units (Wills et al.
Related to this, because MDNR only submitted diagnostic samples from deer with visible lesions and because samples collected from deer were not taken as quickly after death as those from coyotes, the prevalence rates in deer may have been underestimated.
To give women a varied perspective on firearms, Kiger often invites local gun stores to be part of the MDNR shooting classes.
9) On March 3, 1993, a Missouri state court approved a consent decree entered into between MDNR and Harmon that did not include civil penalties.
43) The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) and Cordova signed a stipulation and consent order in which Cordova agreed to pay MDNR $600 thousand for cleanup, and MDNR agreed to indemnify and hold Cordova harmless from any additional costs or damages incurred for cleanup.
Westfield is a forester who designed a remote-sensing program while working for the MDNR.
A nonprofit organization, the Fox Island Lighthouse Association, is committed to working with the MDNR to preserve and restore the light station and to build a dock.
Together, the USFWS, MDNR, and USFS manage nearly 190,000 acres (76,890 ha) of jack pine habitat on a 40 to 50 year rotation for Kirthland's warblers.