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MDNSManaged Data Network Services (Bell Atlantic)
mDNSMulticast Domain Name System
MDNSMichigan Diabetic Neuropathy Score
MDNSMedical Device Nomenclature System
MDNSModified Determination of Non-Significance
MDNSMelbourne Diabetic Nephropathy Study
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Seven global carriers are included in the MDNS report (AT&T, BT, BT Infonet, Cable & Wireless, Equant, MCI, and NTT).
Telemark's latest findings were based on input received from interviews with IT executives from more than 300 multinational enterprises using MDNS services.
In addition, we have achieved ten consecutive 'Best in Class' awards in MDNS, which further exemplifies our strength in operational excellence and customer service.
EuroTel operates three networks - the digital GSM, the analog NMT, and the managed data network services MDNS.
0 also recognizes DICOM (important for HIPPA compliance), SIP, SLP (Server Location Protocol), SSDP, MSN Messenger, MPEG, MDNS, PPTP, WMF, X509, and XMPP protocols, giving NetIntercept the continuing ability to decode more types of traffic than other network forensic devices.