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MDPMot de Passe (French: Password)
MDPMarkov Decision Process (artificial intelligence)
MDPManagement Development Program
MDPMécanisme de Développement Propre (French: Clean Development Mechanism; Kyoto Protocol)
MDPmethylene diphosphonate
MDPMulti-Disciplinary Practice (law)
MDPMinistry of Defence Police (UK)
MDPMaster Development Plan
MDPMillennium Democratic Party (South Korea)
MDPMulticast Dissemination Protocol
MDPMask Data Preparation
MDPMalawi Democratic Party
MDPMarkov Decision Problem
MDPMadison Dearborn Capital Partners
MDPMain Distribution Panel
MDPManic Depressive Psychosis
MDPMaximum Design Pressure
MDPMessage Driven Processor
MDPMarvel Database Project
MDPMouvement pour la Democratie et le Progress (Comoros)
MDPMetropass Discount Plan (Canada)
MDPMultidimensional Data Provider
MDPMovement Disorders Program (Kennedy Krieger Institute)
MDPMusician Digital Portfolio
MDPMother of Divine Providence (King of Prussia, PA)
MDPMutual Defence Pact
MDPMarket Development Partner (Microsoft)
MDPMagnetic Drive Pump
MDPMission Data Processing
MDPMaintenance Data Panel
MDPMobile Data Peripheral
MDPMission Display Processor
MDPMeteorological Datum Plane
MDPMaster's of Development Practice (degree)
MDPMort de Peur (French: Fear of Death)
MDPMexicano Del Pacifico (railroad)
MDPManagement Data Provider
MDPMission Data Processing Subsystem
MDPMagellan Data Provider (Sprint - ATM)
MDPMultidimensional Dynamic Programming
MDPMaladaptive and/or Destructive Pleasure
MDPModulator/Demodulator Predictor
MDPMultiple Descriptions Problem
MDPMaster Display Panel
MDPMaster Data Package
MDPMultiplexing Data Processor
MDPMulticast Diffusion Protocol
MDPMaintainability Demonstration Plan
MDPMajor Defense Program
MDPMarshaled Deployability Posture (STADEPS)
MDPMUVI Data Processor
MDPMetrics Data Platform
MDPManagement Directives and Practices
MDPMilitary Duty Personnel
MDPMIMIC Display Panel
MDPMulti-Destination Protocol
MDPMessage Dispatching Process
MDPMoving/Movable Deformable Barrier
MDPMedia Distribution Processor
MDPMaster Design Plan
MDPMaximum Delivery Potential
MDPMaster Design Package
MDPMultidimensional Demographic Process
MDPMember Discount Program (various organizations)
MDPMonnaie de Paris (French: Paris Mint; Paris, France)
MDPMaximum Drive Pulse (Diesel Injection Technology)
MDPMarine Debris Program (US NOAA)
MDPMarketing Data Platform (data warehousing)
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Political analysts earlier predicted the MDP would suffer a humiliating defeat in the by-elections due to the low popularity for the government of President Kim, rocked by a spate of corruption scandals that resulted in the arrests of senior officials, key aides and even his two sons.
In the Seoul mayoral race, GNP candidate Lee Myung Bak, 60, won the race over his MDP rival Kim Min Seok, 38.
The MDP, rocked by a spate of corruption scandals, is maintaining a comfortable lead only on its political home turf -- North Cholla and South Cholla provinces.
In Seoul, GNP candidate Lee Myung Bak, 60, won the mayoral race over his 38-year-old MDP rival Kim Min Seok.
D2S TrueMask (TM) MDP is the first and the most promising product we've collaborated on that uses the new model-based mask data preparation approach to enable both accuracy and reasonable mask write times.
Corruption scandals that have rocked Kim's government are also negatively affecting MDP presidential candidate Roh Moo Hyun's chances.
Further, the adoption of MDP is encouraged due to the surfacing of mandate standards related to data security that needs to be adhered with, across various industry verticals such as HIPPA for healthcare and PCI DSS for BFSI as these solutions comply with certain specific regulations and facilitate secure data access and transfer across mobile devices.
The MDP will provide a wide-ranging review of all dredging-related activities at the ports of Dampier and Cape Lambert.
And Richard Miller, general counsel for the AICPA, said, "I find it unfortunate that the ABA failed to demonstrate any leadership on the MDP issue.
However, the main opposition Grand National Party has strongly opposed the changes, saying it would only serve to help MDP to gain even more of a stranglehold on parliamentary operations.
From the group of 55 attending CEOs, 30 were invited to participate in an MDP "elevator pitch" contest in which each gave a two-minute explanation of why their company matters in health care.
Acquisition of MDP strengthens Financial Gravity's position in the Southwest U.