MDPBModel Driven Pattern Based
MDPBMarrow Donor Program Belgium
MDPBMedical and Dental Professions Board (South Africa)
MDPBMongolian Democratic Party of Believers
MDPBMichigan Damage Prevention Board
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Compuware's advanced development environment is the leader in the MDPB tools market.
1 enables development organizations to do more with less, helping businesses easily migrate to MDPB development through:
Throughout 2004, the company will continue to forge alliances and plan product integrations to support the growing MDPB development community.
As more and more of our customers realize they need some form of automation to close the J2EE skills gap, we are seeing MDPB development mature past the early adoption phase," said Dan Schoenbaum, Compuware Vice President of Strategy.
NCOP poised to approve bill In response to an initial outcry and referral of the bill by the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) to each province for further consultation, plus a challenge by the MDPB, the HPCSA convened a consultative workshop of the boards in May.
Mariba said that the MDPB had already implemented this after their first election in 1999 and had transformed from being 81% white in 1994 to a current majority of black members (66%) via an ongoing process of weighting votes, making it fully representative demographically, and had strongly encouraged other boards to do the same.
The MDPB vote in favour of elections would have created a 6/6 stand-off, but was ruled invalid by Padayachee and Mkhize, who said Mariba's board meeting had no proper quorum.
9 SAMJ MDPB members are outraged over what they see as a 'steamrolling' of the legislation, especially given the health minister's controversial track record and her historic spurning of the best scientific research and advice available on HIV/AIDS.
He claims Mkhize unilaterally withdrew from a vital MDPB meeting on 4 June without giving reasons and sent out an e-mail to his staff instructing them not to give the MDPB board any clerical or administrative support the following day.
The MDPB composes representatives from utility companies, the underground contractors, the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) and MISS DIG, a non-profit entity that processes requests for the marking of underground utility lines and structures prior to construction.
Bob Patzer, AUC, Michigan's Heavy Construction Association executive director, and chair of the MDPB said, "Speaking on behalf of Michigan's underground and road building construction industry, we are pleased to come together with other key stakeholders in an effort to protect our workers and the public.