MDPEMedium Density Polyethylene
MDPEMobile Dual-Phase Extraction (technique for environmental cleaning)
MDPEMobile Dual-Phase Extraction (USA)
MDPEMaster Data Parity Error
MDPEMaximum Permissible Dose Equivalent
MDPEDepartment of Mechanical Design and Production Engineering (Konkuk University; South Korea)
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Fingerprint DFDC-7525 MDPE resin--offering ease of extrusion along with high tensile strength and good elongation--demonstrates excellent puncture resistance and burst strength in thin-wall tape applications.
Since the radial stress is clearly zero on the internal and external surfaces, they cannot be significantly different elsewhere, especially for not extremely thick pipe; then the residual stress field in MDPE pipe is defined purely in the plane of the cylinder shell, which varies from biaxial compression on the external surface to biaxial tension on the internal surface.
The superior RCP resistance for bimodal MDPE compared to unimodal MDPE was clearly demonstrated with these RCP test results, which exhibited a ten-fold increase in $4 critical pressure.
At 73 degrees F, it has an HDB rating of 2,500 psi, which is twice that of MDPE materials.
This same behavior was exhibited by the PE100, the MDPE and the RT-PMMA.
Lupotech A -- high pressure autoclave process for the production of specialty LDPE and EVA copolymers -- Spherilene -- advanced, swing-gas-phase process for the production of LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE -- Hostalen -- leading low-pressure slurry process for the production of bimodal HDPE -- Spheripol -- leading polypropylene technology for the production of homopolymer, random and heterophasic copolymers -- Spherizone -- latest generation polypropylene technology, based on a new multi-zone reactor for the production of polypropylene and novel polyolefins.
MDPE 7520 is a bimodal resin said to have outstanding resistance to slow crack growth and rapid crack propagation.
MDPE and MDAPE are measures of bias and precision, respectively, wobble measures the intra-individual variability in the performance errors.
Contradicting results were presented by Kitao (9), who investigated the effect of cooling temperature on the impact fracture for MDPE and HDPE and found that annealing increased the Charpy impact value for both MDPE and HDPE with the effect being more on HDPE.
After completing the Professional Engineering review of each potential installation size, wall thickness, and location across the Continental United States, it has been recommend that this HDPE / MDPE Plastic Encasement Standard be adopted by the respective State Department of Transportation Utilities Manuals.
Compared to unimodal materials, bimodal MDPE and HDPE materials show a significant increase in critical pressure and have considerably lower critical temperature values.
Queen's University Belfast compared the MinTron 7 grade (7 micron solid glass spheres) with commercially available surface-modified glass microspheres in PP, MDPE, PA6 and PBT.